3D Lettering

3D Letter or dimensional lettering is a type of signage that involves creating letters and numbers that have a three-dimensional (3D) appearance. This is achieved by making the letters and numbers out of materials that have depth, such as metal, plastic, foam, or wood.

The process of creating dimensional lettering typically involves cutting the letters or numbers out of the chosen material using a laser, router, or water jet cutter. The letters and numbers are then sanded, painted, and finished to create a professional look.

Dimensional lettering can be used for a variety of applications, including building signage, wayfinding signs, lobby signs, and interior decor. It can be designed to fit a variety of styles and can be customized to include various textures, finishes, and lighting effects.

Overall, dimensional lettering is a visually striking and effective way to communicate information or branding, as it can stand out and draw attention to a message or brand name.

3D letters can be mounted on a panel, a light-box or installed separately on the wall.

BC Signs’ knowledgeable staff can help you to determine if you need new signs or you can reface and enjoy a new look with your current 3D lettering signs.